In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, members of Forefront NYC helped many who needed it. Bobby's story was told as a part of a series based on service that was featured at Forefront.



I met Nikki Lerner last year. On one Sunday afternoon, Nikki and her band were in NYC visiting from Baltimore, and we decided to shoot this simple one-take music video and planned it about 12 hours prior to shooting. It was online a few days later and was part of raising funds on kickstarter for Nikki's new album that she's currently recording.




Nomi Network is a nonprofit that creates economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking. Working with their team to create this piece made it easy to see how extremely dedicated and passionate they are about their work.



Orchard Group is doing so much good work in cities around the world. I love their widespread and effective approach and have had the pleasure of developing friendships with many of their team. We created this piece to show the scope of what they do, from donor all the way to life affected.




It's a wonderful and rare treat to have an organization you love ask you to be their storyteller. I was thankful to have this opportunity this spring to create this piece for Restore NYC's annual gala.



I love Caleb. I also love his music. Here's what happened after we tossed around a collection of ideas over coffee.







When I was asked to capture the heart of who and what this organizaion is, I didn't realize I'd be seeing and hearing so many stories of life change and through one project. This project was a summer well spent.



As I look back at my only hand-made animation project, I finally realize the whole thing is a direct inspiration from the game 'ClayFighter'. It was my 7-year old experiences of destroying other characters made of soft chemical compound that first drew my attention to the wonderful idea of claymation. The love of it has always stuck with me.