Good Stories

Some never get the opportunity to have their most intense passion and their work life merge into one creature. Somehow this came to play at a very young age for me and I am thankful for it inside every day that I live, usually audibly.

Most recently, I've been traveling through Forefront's Celebration Generosity initiative, which is essentially this: find three organizations that are both doing good work in NYC and in need of support, then teach our community about them and raise as much funds as we can for the organizations to continue the good work that they do. And I, your lowly blogger and 24 year old kid with a camera, gets to tell all these stories. 'Honored' knicks the surface of how this makes me feel.

Above, is my personal favorite of the pieces I was able to make for CG this year. Matt Krivich from Bowery Mission was vulnerable with me. He opened up in such a way that I could feel what the place has become for him personally. I love hearing people's stories.

Tomorrow is the culmination of this whole thing, so if you feel so inclined, please join us in the celebration of being generous.