Doing The Scary Thing

In April of this year, I gave my notice to the fab team at Forefront with barely an idea of what I'd be doing next. I only knew that I needed to grow as a creative. A week before my last day in late May, my most promising lead on a job fell dead flat.

So I chose the scariest route possible and dove face-first into the freelance world with a hope that I could weave travel into my work. Within the first two weeks, I was able to go to Aspen, Baltimore, and Montreal for work, meaning I didn't spend a dime but made many of them. This was all thanks to dear friends like Shawn WillisNikki Lerner, and Tim Bogus. 

I'm meeting and working with the coolest people, growing rapidly, and fully supported by my creative (mostly video) work.

I can't help but say: God, you good.

Thank you to my network and the people that value my work. Thank you to my friends who tell me over and over that I can do anything. 
Thank you to my New York family who cares so much that I'm well and healthy and keep asking how I'm doing. Just so you know, I'm damn good and getting better.

Thank you to Forefront for being a place I could learn and be loved while I worked for my early and most formative years in NYC. Ryan Phipps, I'm looking at you buddy.

Here's to continuing the journey.


  - Matthew