Man Dates

It's no secret to my friends that I enjoy 1 on 1 hangs with substance, and with the guys, I come right out and call them dates. Why? Probably because I only have a few friends that I'm vulnerable and close to...and the fact that I'm pretty affectionate with those friends. But still, those man dates consistently are structured around activities that are considered by most to be very masculine. 

The usual go-to's include: Whiskey on a roof, cigars, Billiards, building things out of wood, grilling meat outdoors, beer, and occasionally a viewing of a film with intense action and probably lots of fictional death.

So the two guys I spotted wandering the Brooklyn Botanical gardens, well, it stood out to me. 'Hey bro, wanna go look at flowers on Saturday?' I want to be more ok with throwing these suggestions out to friends, because not every man-hang needs to involve an activity that affirms my own masculinity.